Welcome to Bikenewz

A bicycle news portal was always there in the mind with the evolving industry as well as market in India. The global brands are entering the Indian market and as per rough estimates approximately 45 are already here and more in pipeline. While on the other hand, Indian bicycle majors are acquiring bicycle units and brands to make a mark in the markets that are beyond the Indian frontiers.

There are indications that efforts are now being made by the domestic bicycle & components makers to integrate the manufacturing processes and trends with the global bike industry. It is a market driven reaction as consumers are increasingly attracted towards international brands and bringing them to India. Bicycle industry is now waking up to the changing times.

It is an interesting phase and how could anyone associated with Indian bicycle industry be left unscathed. There was a time when bicycle industry used to be very conservative, manufacturing majority black roadsters, whereas, it has transformed into a big bull now that is rearing to go.

The promoter of www.bikenewz.com has seen the Indian bicycle industry from close quarters and written stories on its developments from the last two decades. The idea behind the portal is to build a platform where stakeholders like bike makers, dealers, distributors and consumers come together to share news, views, ideas on this interesting industry in this fast paced connected world.