Beijing & Shanghai bans E-Scooters

Beijing – China – China’s two major cities Beijing & Shanghai banned electric scooters from roads amid rising safety concerns. Beijing traffic authorities announced fining people riding e-scooters 10 ($1.50) and advised riders to stay-off the road from early this week.

Guangzhou, China’s third-largest city is also considering a ban on electric scooters as per media reports.

Shanghai traffic police also launched similar campaign to get electric scooters off public roads this week.

The ban extends to self-balancing e-scooters & Segway, largely used for short distances and city commuting.

Beijing Consumer Association tested electric scooters of different brands recently and found fitted with substandard brakes, while few could achieve faster speed over max 20 km/h limit set for electric bikes.

As per Chinese laws, e-scooters are not falling in motor vehicles or non-motorized categories and endanger traffic safety.